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St. Andrew’s

Stepping into the hallowed space of an Orthodox Church is entering a realm of divine grace and timeless reverence. It is the sacred gathering place for the ecclesia (“the assembly”) of the faithful who gather in unity to offer their praise and worship to God and seek His forgiveness for their sins.

In Orthodox worship, not only does God descend to us, but we ascend to Him. The Divine Liturgy commences with the proclamation: "Blessed is the Kingdom of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit," declaring our mystical entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven.

In this worship, the art of iconography holds a sacred and irreplaceable role. Icons are not mere adornments; they usher the Kingdom of Heaven into our midst, drawing us closer to the divine presence. They represent the presence of the Saints and angels depicted and the truth of the doctrines of the Church.

Within the Orthodox faith, icons are venerated with profound reverence, a tangible expression of our deep love and respect for the individuals, events, and teachings they represent. This act of veneration propels us on the path of worship and devotion, leading us closer to the divine presence of God. Icons are venerated in the Orthodox Church, as a show of respect and love to the persons, events, or teachings depicted in the icon. Veneration sets us on a path to worshipping God.

We invite you to participate in our mission to adorn and enhance St. Andrew's, ensuring that this sacred sanctuary remains a beacon of Orthodox Christian spirituality, where the Kingdom of Heaven meets Earth. Your support can make a significant difference in preserving and elevating this divine connection, enriching the spiritual journey of all who gather within these sacred walls.

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