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Learn More About Our Church Ministries

Church Beautification

As we are mystically ascending to heaven, iconography is an integral part of our worship, as it brings the Kingdom of Heaven to us and draws us in. Icons are not just decorative, but symbolically represent the presence of the persons depicted and the truth of the doctrines of the Church. Icons are venerated in the Orthodox Church, as a show of respect and love to the persons, events, or teachings depicted in the icon. Veneration sets us on a path to worshipping God.

Sunday School

Our Sunday School program is designed for children ages 3 through High School. We have classes tailored to Pre-K, Elementary, Middle and High School studying different themes such as what our Orthodox Church teaches about current issues facing teens, celebrations of Feast Days throughout the Liturgical year right down to the creation of our world.

Khourie Nora also has weekly music classes to teach our kids the specific tones and Troparion for different Feast Days. The students participate in the Bible Bowl and Creative Arts Festival annually at the Diocesan Parish Life Conference. We always have room for more!

Antiochian Women

The Sisterhood of St. Photini is our chapter name.  With the blessing of Fr. David, we have taken the name of the “Woman at the well” as inspiration to become enlightened as she did in learning about our Lord and serving His church.  We are part of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Women of North America.

The purpose of our group is to serve our local parish, our larger community, diocese and archdiocese through works of charity, commitment to prayer and worship, fundraising projects and fellowship.

Any Orthodox woman 18 years and older is invited to participate.  Monthly planning and business meetings are held following the coffee hour.  Read the weekly Sunday bulletin or check the online calendar for our events.  We hope you will join us.


St. Andrew’s has two choirs, the St. Romanos Choir for the adults and high school age students, and the Youth Choir for the church school students. The choirs and chanters use the ancient Byzantine tones, as well as music from a variety of Orthodox traditions and cultures. All music is acappella, with no instruments, following the practice of the earliest Christians.

The St. Romanos Choir is under the leadership of Kh. Nora Bleam and Sam Waite. Rehearsals are held weekly. All are welcome, regardless of prior experience. We learn and grow together. Singing the hymns of the church are an important way to learn and grow in our Holy Orthodox faith.

The youth choir program is an important part of the religious education of the young people at St. Andrew’s. Highlights of the year have included a Christmas Pageant and a Presanctified Liturgy during Lent. They sing every Sunday during communion, and through the end of the service. Each week as part of the church school program, the students are taught the hymns of the Church and basic chanting, so that they may more fully enter into the worship of the Church. The program is designed and taught by Kh. Nora Bleam, an experienced Kodaly teacher.

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