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About Our Parish

St. Andrews is a vibrant, growing community of Orthodox Christians following the Antiochian Tradition. We welcome all visitors to join us in worship and for coffee hour afterwards!

Often, when people think of Orthodox Christians, they think "Greek Orthodox." However, the Greek Orthodox Church is just one of many Orthodox Jurisdictions in the greater Orthodox Church.

St. Andrews is a Parish of the "Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America," which has a different governing body than the "Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America" BUT both jurisdictions (as well as numerous others) are a part of the one, unified, Orthodox Church.

The Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church’s roots trace directly back to first century Antioch, the city in which the disciples of Jesus Christ were first called “Christians” (Acts 11:26). The Orthodox Church is the oldest and second largest Christian group in the world. We are called by God our creator to worship and follow Him, and to proclaim to the world His message of love, peace, and salvation.

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V.Rev David Bleam

Our parish priest is V. Rev. David Bleam who has served this community since 2007 after graduation with a M. Divinity. from St. Vladimir's Orthodox Seminary in Yonkers, NY.

Contact information for Fr. David:

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Dn. Dan

Deacon Daniel "Dan" Gray assists Fr. David during services.

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Dn. Ted

Deacon Theodore "Ted" Werthmuller assists Fr. David during services.

Ministry Teams

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Kh. Nora Bleam

Choir Director

Kh. Nora is a graduate of Westminster Choir College and a M.M.Ed in Choral Conducting from Florida State University.  She teaches music at N.B Cook Elementary School of the Arts.  She directs the adult choir and teaches our youth Byzantine chant and the music of the services.

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Randy Werre

Leader of Antiochian Men

Barbara Parker.jpg

Barbara Parker

Chairperson of the Parish Council

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Sue Ann Young

Leader of Sisters of St. Photini

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